What’s New(s) – A landmark boycott – 3/06/22

Écrit par sur 3 juin 2022

What´s New(s)? La revue de presse anglophone – Erik Ruiz Martín & Nadine Vermeulen


‘A landmark oil ban’ that is how the Guardian described the new EU sanction package on Russia, including a new almost full embargo on Russian oil. EU’s foreign chief Josep Borrell also showed to be euphoric about the new deal calling it a ‘landmark decision.’ “Our unity is our strength”, he added. But not all countries agreed to commit, EU leaders had to capitulate to the demands of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán, granting Budapest a near total exemption from the ban. Can the new agreement indeed be seen as a landmark deal, or is it rather a difficult compromise, according to the press ?


Presentation and sound and editing : Nadine Vermeulen


Image credit : piqsels

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