Afghan Women Days at the European Parliament – Encounter with Shaharzad Akbar and Horia Mosadiq

Écrit par sur 4 mars 2022

Since the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistanwomen have witnessed ever-increasing restrictions in all aspects of their life. UN experts recently described how Afghan women and girls are slowly being erased from the public sphere. They have been barred from jobs, education, public administration and public space.

At the Afghan Women Days, organised by the European Parliament to cast light on the extremely worrying situation of women in Afghanistan, we met Shaharzad Akbar and Horia Mosadiq, human rights activists and speakers at the event.

The music included is from Paradise, Sahar Arian, and Soosan Firooz, Afghan female artists contesting violence against women.

The media extracts included are produced by the BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle, France 24, and the Guardian between August and December 2021.

Journalists : Nadine Vermeulen and Elisa Greco

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