Regards des territoires – Avec Gunārs Ansiņš

Écrit par sur 14 mai 2021

For this new edition of “a regional view” in the frame of our partnership with the European Committee of the Regions, we are talking to Gunars Ansins, vice-mayor of Liepaja city council (Latvia). Mr. Ansins is also a Member of the European Committee of regions, representing the group Renew Europe.

During the last plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions, Gunars Ansins has presented an opinion untitled “powering a climate-neutral economy : an EU Strategy for Energy System Integration”.

The EU Strategy for Energy System Integration has been published by the European Commission in July 2020 and aims to establish a new system in Europe for the production and consumption of energy that would contribute to reach the European Green Deal’s objectives of climate neutrality.

During this interview, Mr. Ansins calls for a stronger cooperation between the territories in order to transfer more easily renewable energy from regions with considerable resources, and to reduce the dependance to foreign energy sources (such as oil and gas), in order to improve a fully European energy system, able to reach the European Green Deal objectives.

How can the EU store energy more efficiently and in a more sustainable way ? What would be the impact of Nord Stream 2 pipeline on the EU energy system ? What will be the next steps for this strategy and its concrete realisation ?


Interview en anglais réalisée par Romain L’Hostis


© European Committee of the Regions, via Flickr


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