What’s New(s) ? La revue de presse anglophone 11/12/2020

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Romanian elections

This weekly broadcast series presents the European news from different angles and perspectives. Which events and developments have made the news, and how? Each week we take a closer look at one event that dominated this week’s news, and quickly discuss other topics that grabbed the headlines in various countries across the continent.

In the midst of a dark winter, marked by Covid-19 and an economic crisis, Romanian voters were hitting the poles last Sunday. The virus withheld many from voting, pulling the turnout down to the lowest since the collapse of communism. Even though Social Democrat opposition party PSD gained the most votes, governing party PNL initially claimed victory, until it was let down by potential partner USR-PLUS, and Prime Minister Orban resigned. How did European newspapers report on these remarkable elections?

Erik Ruiz Martín & Nadine Vermeulen

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