What’s new(s) ? La revue de presse anglophone 04/12/2020

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A little party never hurt nobody ?

Erik Ruiz Martín & Nadine Vermeulen

This weekly broadcast series presents the European news from different angles and perspectives. Which events and developments have made the news, and how? Each week we take a closer look at one event that dominated this week’s news, and quickly discuss other topics that grabbed the headlines in various countries across the continent.

On Sunday November 29, Hungarian media paid attention to the ‘sudden resignation’ of Hungarian MEP József Szájer, leader of the Fidesz delegation. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Belgian newspaper la Dernière Heure first reported on the police intervention of a so-called ‘lockdown gay orgy’, attended by 25 men including various diplomats and one MEP. It was only a matter of hours before Szájer’s name was circulating in the media. Why did this news go viral in all countries across the bloc? 

crédits photo: cottonbro

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