Écrit par sur 16 novembre 2020

This weekly broadcast series presents the European news from different angles and perspectives. Which events and developments have made the news, and how? Each week we take a closer look at one event that dominated this week’s news, and quickly discuss other topics that grabbed the headlines in various countries across the continent.

Tuesday 3 November was a crucial day not only for the United States but also for the rest of the world, that was watching nervously how the media announced the outcomes, state by state, while Trump already claimed victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning. According to Politico, ‘Europe is the loser’, independent of the outcome, since the narrow results spell trouble for transatlantic ties. How did European media report on the close race and its impact on the world’s future? 

Erik Ruiz Martín – Nadine Vermeulen

crédits photo: Pexels

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